mike king (mikeking) wrote,
mike king


last night Hard Harvey pissed probably in his pants. his head was big and his skull was hairy. his eyes shone brilliantly as he mosied amongst kin; his hockey puck balanced delicately atop a green green christmas tree. he boned up on his game and honed in on a hotty. sultry was the atmosphere. Classical music snuck in through a window frame with the neighbors to blame. I thought of Coach "Chode" Stose. A felon sellin' melons and Alan arrived clad in their sundays worst. when asked why he was selling melons and Alan, he replied simply, "they go well together." Darin Noe cracked a code for the first time ever. "BOTTOM BUNK" was all she wrote...

so this is my last entry. im thinking about deleting my blog.
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