mike king (mikeking) wrote,
mike king

the black punker

birthday partied down last night. lol chris cowles kept fuckin knockin this kid out in various ways. the best was when he punched him and then he lay lifeless, still balanced on a stool. i knocked out a bug after that. keg stands and pizza, what more could i ask for?

note to Little Undergod: piss on a vending machine buttons and inside so when they get their chips theyre all pissy. pull this prank on dave chavelle and perry pruuuiiiiitt.

i met a burnt gypsy on saturday

for all you hoes on a mastadon-
Dro is weird. take and suck this bong and youll get with it, like a minced meat cove on shit.
i had to beat my dads ass yesterday because he was frontin' about my chips on a sunday and being a punk bitch.
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