mike king (mikeking) wrote,
mike king

kate loves CLIPSE :)

ive been painting all the airplanes, work is fun, what the fuck. William Thomas Eckenrode IV is quitting like a puss, but home boy who strangely none of my other friends know is getting hooked up fat with a job at my job, so i'll still be workin with a friend which makes it way cooler. and im getting more more dollars dollars, plus i "get money on tha block," as they say, while im on the clock.

friday was fuckin sweet, got off work, chilled with kate jocelyn and eric, 3 goods. then zac and lindsay and genny, shout out to genny, then i went to a sweet little hotel party. man i went to a place where black people have lots of drugs and met the craziest fucking guy of all time, cant understand a damn word he says, but that doesnt matter.

this is too public.

i just got my finger slammed in the door of a truck and now there is blood coming from under my entire fingernail.
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